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Monthly Puppy Updates

December 23 - The puppies are now 7 months old and celebrating their first Christmas. Lexie (aka Tiffany) sent me the most wonderful Christmas present. It is a hand painted Sweat Shirt made by her talented new dad, Bert Singer. Hunter (aka Miel) and Amy graduated with flying colors from their second obedience class on Thursday night. Amy and Miel showed in their first AKC show on their 6 month birthday. They both won first place in their class -- Puppy 6 to 9 months. Tiffany has decided she would rather not show. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

October 25 - The puppies are 5 months old. Lexie went to her new home last Sunday. I get daily reports from her new owners and she is adjusting beautifully. We miss her. I knew it was best for her and that is why I finally decided it was time. Amy misses her sister but is adjusting. Amy spends her time now with the "big girls". She sleeps in a crate at night like the big ones. Amy and I get to see Miel (Hunter) every Thursday night at obedience class. Amy & Miel started real obedience class and are doing great. I'm amazed how smart Bichon puppies are.

October 14 - The puppies are 4 1/2 months old. Next week the three puppies graduate from their first obedience class. They have learned a lot in the past 6 weeks. I have to brag about my Amy. We went to a "Fun Match" on Saturday and Amy won Group I in the Non Sporting Group. I am soooo proud of her. Lexie has the sweetest personality. She showed beautifully but only one of the girls could win and this time it was Amy. Maybe next time Lexie will win. It really doesn't matter because it is a learning experience and for fun.

September 13 - The puppies are sixteen weeks old. Amy and Lexie started puppy socialization class last night. We were proud of both our girls. They did what they were supposed to during the class. We learned submission. This will really help with grooming. We did a little work on learning to walk on a lead -- "Go for a Walk". There is so much to learn!

August 31 - The puppies are fourteen weeks old. Time sure flys! All 3 puppies were evaluated by a Bichon judge. She stated all 3 are SHOW quality. We'll start taking them to more matches to get ready for the big day when they turn 6 months old and can be shown in AKC shows for points towards their conformation championship.

August 24 - The puppies are thirteen weeks old. We have adjusted to Hunter (his new name is Miel) being gone because we get to see him often. We're all going to a match tomorrow. All the puppies are learning to walk on a leash. They are not real pleased with this new activity.

August 17 - The puppies are twelve weeks old. Hunter left today for his new home. I decided I couldn't give him as much love and attention as he deserved so I let him go to a wonderful show home. I miss him already but it is best for him to be the center of his new owner's attention. Amy and Lexie miss their brother and Mandy has looked outside in the yard for him. I'm sure we'll all adjust but it is like one of your children leaving home even though you know it is for the best, it doesn't make it any easier.

August 10 - The puppies are eleven weeks old. All the puppies love to splash in the wading pool especially since our weather has been 100+ each day. We live in Danville, California (in the Diablo Valley, inland from San Francisco). If the puppies are not swimming, they are laying on the air conditioner vent. Boy, that's a dog's life!

August 3 - The puppies are ten weeks old. I bought them a wading pool today. Amy loves to splash in the water. Then she loves to roll in the dirt. What a mess! Oh well, she's a puppy and having fun. The other two haven't found out how much fun it is, yet.

July 26 - The puppies are nine weeks old. How time flys when you are having fun. The puppies are a joy to be around and you never know what they are going to get into next. We went to the vet today for their second shot. Everyone did great. They ate cookies while the vet gave them their shots and not one made a peep. Amy weighs 4 lbs. 8 ozs.; Lexi weighs 4 lbs. 9 ozs. and Hunter weighs 4 lbs. 11 ozs. They sure have grown. They learned how to dig this past week. Of course, they dig in the mud and then want to come into the house (I have white carpeting). Needless to say, they get numerous paw washes. They sure are cute!

July 19 - The puppies are 8 weeks old. They are now eating real puppy food (Nutro Lamb and Rice). I stopped adding water and making mush out of it. They have teeth. They can go in the backyard without being in their ex pen because they are real careful around the swimming pool and I watch them like a HAWK. No one has fallen in yet and I don't want them to fall in. They love to run on the grass and chase the older Bichons.

July 11 - The puppies are 7 weeks old. They are sure growing into little Bichons with the wonderful Bichon temperament. I love playing with them on the lawn. They love to bring leaves to me. They come to their names (Hunter, Amy, and Lexi) sometimes. So CUTE!!

July 5 - The puppies are 6 weeks old. They had their first shot this morning. The girls were very brave and didn't say a word. Hunter let us know it hurt. The vet gave all of them a clean bill of health. She said their pigment and coats are great. The puppies have decided that they love their puppy food better than mommy and since they now have teeth, we are in the process of weaning them. Mandy still thinks she should be feeding them.

June 22 - The puppies are now on puppy food. They do NOT like it as well as human baby food but they will adjust. They are still nursing and gaining weight. I made soft toys with squeakers for them. They are so funny when they play with their toys. They still sleep most of the time.

June 18 - The puppies all weigh over 2 pounds. They are eating solid food that includes Gerber's Rice cereal, baby puree meat, and canned milk. They love it when they are not walking in it. I have a wash cloth handy for clean up. They still nurse. They have developed individual personalities. Everyday they do something new. I noticed that they were only going potty on the extra towel I put in their whelphing box so I put a piece of paper in one corner. The smartest girl, Amy, is using it to go potty on. By the way, all puppies are sort of named -- Hunter, Amy, & Dawn.

June 13 - The puppies are three weeks old. They are now up on all four feet walking around. They are so cute when they fall over because they are not real steady on their feet, yet. They are learning to bark and growl. Two of the puppies like to practice it at night. Everyday they get cuter and do more things.

June 7 - All the puppies weigh at least one pound even my little male, Hunter. All of them have their eyes open now. They are so cute.

June 4 - The puppies are still gaining weight. The girls are up to over one pound each. The boy weighs almost a pound and catching up with the girls. They are starting to open their eyes.

May 28 - The puppies are continuing to gain weight. Mommy and puppies are doing great, still. They keep me busy with washing the bedding, cleaning up, and feeding mommy but I enjoy it.

May 25 - The puppies are doing great. They had their front dew claws removed this morning. Mommy and puppies are getting along wonderfully. The puppies are gaining weight and the vet gave them a clean bill of health. It looks like I'll be adding two new family members to my family. I plan on keeping a girl and the boy (I named the boy Hunter).

May 23 - The puppies were born today. The first female arrived by natural birth at 4:00 p.m. and the other female and male were born by C-Section at 5:00 p.m. Mother and babies are doing fine.

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Whelping Box

We purchased a new whelping box for the happy event. The box is the Original Dura-Whelp made by Fawn Run Corporation. Their telephone number is (800) 998-3331. I would highly recommend this whelping box to anyone expecting puppies. It is really great. The cleanup is so easy. I am very pleased with the performance of this whelping product. I'm not the only one who thinks the world of this whelping box. Recently an article appeared in the AKC Gazette regarding whelping boxes and this is the one that was recommended. (This is not a paid advertisement for their product - I just like it.) At 6 weeks old, we took the puppies out of their whelping box. It still looks just like brand new.

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