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Paw Bichon Frise Club of America, Inc.

Paw Bichon Frise Club of Canada, Inc.

Paw Bichon Frise Club of Finland, Inc.

Paw Bichon Frise from UK -- Derek and Joan Briggs

Paw Balladair Bichons from Canada -- Julia Dickinson

Paw Canine Connections -- Carol Ross

Paw Normandy Bichons from Canada -- Norma J. & Bill Dirszowsky

Paw Leeward's Bichons from Finland -- Jaana Leinonen

Paw Bichon Frise Statues -- Amanda Mclaren, England

Paw Japanese Bichon -- Kiyomi Ochiai

Paw So You Want a Bichon Puppy? -- BichonFrise-L

Paw Dog Owner's Guide Profile: Bichon Frise -- Norma Bennett Woolf

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